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Our team is a close knit group of experienced, professional, and creative

Every time we speak with our clients, or grab our gear to capture the perfect moment, we feel blessed to have the opportunity to do so! Photography is much more than a job for all of us.

Yolanda Hill Team- Palm Beach Wedding Photograpy Studio | Yolanda Hill Photography

It is an integral part of our lives. Capturing moments that would otherwise be lost without us brings us so much pleasure and gratitude. We work day in and day out to produce the best quality work and really push our creative boundaries everyday.

Our studio founder, Yolanda Hill has a passion for capturing every detail of your special day! My style in photography is to be in the moment, look around and photograph your story as it unfolds around me. It truly is an absolute privilege to have a job where I witness and document the amazing memories that families will cherish forever.

Meet the Team- Palm Beach Wedding Photograpy Studio | Yolanda Hill Photography

About Yolanda

Creative, unique, fun, and easy going

These are the words that most people use when describing my personality, and they also perfectly describe the experience that I intend to deliver to you on your special day. Photography is a passion of mine. For years, I had a camera with me at all times; observing and documenting, preserving stories and life moments about the people that I loved the most. So do what you love, and love what you do, right? That’s exactly how it happened. Over time my passion became a life fulfilling career choice. When your career reflects your heart and purpose, it makes it easy to love what you do, and I can say without reservation that I truly love what I do. I received my degree from Palm Beach State College, and have dedicated myself to being a lifelong learner of photography, constantly growing and continuing my education. I pride myself on incorporating the newest techniques, styles, and trends with an exquisite and timeless photography style; providing you with memories that reflect exactly how you felt at the moment that image was captured. I look forward to bringing your day and all the feelings of it, right back to life again. I have made a home for my photography career right here in sunny South Florida, but have had the opportunity to photograph globally, with experiences all over the United States, and even extending my reach as far as Iceland. I have received several accolades including “Best in Show” in our local photography guild – what an honor! Together, we will bring your vision to life. I want you to share every detail of your special day with me.

Then, the magic really happens; my creative instincts take over, igniting an internal flame that I cannot even put into words. The best way for me to describe my goal for you is summed up in one word: perfection. I combine everything you envision for yourself, with my expertise in off-camera lighting and impeccable imaging, and document your day so that it can live on for years, and generations, to come.


If you love what you are doing you will be successful

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